Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing Up

It was really nice talking with ate Wella, one of my best friends.  As usual she got lots of stories about her two sons Gabe and Samuel.  Looking at her boys, I couldn't help but think if I will be given a chance to have one like them. LOL!  Her boys are growing so fast that I think they got plenty of human growth hormone in their body.  I think I am the one who are lacking of those hormones because I am small. LOL!

Sammy will be turning two this coming February while Gabe is just 3 months old.  At his young age, Samuel amazes as with all the little things he do.  Since they live too far from me, I only saw them over webcam and of course photos.  Oh well, my best friend said that they will be taking a short vacation next year and so I will have a chance to see her boys and of course bond with her just like we use to do.  I really hope that their plan will materialize....

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