Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Mother...

I finally had a talk with my bestpren last night and she was reminding me about my birthday.  I said that I won't be celebrating it because there's no one to celebrate with.  I will just drop by at the nearest church and say little prayer and thank God that I finally reach this age.  Oh well, I remembered when she was still single and living here in the Philippines that every time someone has a birthday we make it a point to meet and stroll around Makati.  That was our bonding time and every time I look back I wish she is still here.  But of course she has now a family of her own and a happy mother of her two boys Samuel and Gabby.

As usual, I seen the boys over the camera and Samuel was contented sitting in his phil and teds explorer while watching Elmo while Gabby was happily setting at his mom's lap.  I am happy to see my bestpren being with her family and despite the fact that I really miss her I accept the fact that she now has her own life.  During this time, I wish I have someone with me too especially during especial occasions but I guess it will still take years to happen.

So much for the emotions.  LOL!  I am happy with my bestpren.  We now have our own separate lives but I know that we will remain best of friends until we get old.  She is now a happy mother and I am really thankful that she found the man who is going to love her for the rest of her life.  She is also blessed with two kids and seeing them grow brings so much fondness in me.  I hope one day I will be able to see her family personally and not just over the camera.....

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