Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keeping Myself Stronger

I wonder what's wrong with my body these past few months.  I easily get sick from colds, to sore eyes, to fever and to asthma in just a matter of one month.  I don't understand too but I realized that maybe my body also needs multivitamin supplements to increase my body's immune system.  I hate being sick not only because it annoys me but it also ruin my monthly budget.  I need to use my credit card just so I will be able to get the medicine that I need which in reality is not part of my budget.

I think I also need to be back on my daily exercise routine because it also helps to boost my immune system.  Aside from that I also need to include fresh fruits in my diet and not only concentrate in coffees and breads.  Oh well, I have to look at it because it also means increasing my monthly budget for food but I think I can deal with it because taking medicine is still costly than changing my daily eating habit...

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