Friday, September 10, 2010

Mom is finally OK!

Yay!  I was so happy yesterday when I heard my mom's voice over the phone.  I am really glad to know that she now feeling better after two days of high fever.  She is still recuperating but the doctor said that my mom is already okey.  I was really happy upon hearing the news.  I worried too much about my mom's condition which also affected the things I have to do.  I have no choice but to stop some of my jobs especially in writing because of the emotional stress caused by mom's sickness.  But now that everything is back to normal I can again move freely and happily.

I was also glad that hon-hon and I had a heartwarming talk yesterday.  It regains my confidence and gave me so much happiness.  I feel stronger now because of his presence.  I am truly blessed to have a family and to have a man who loves so much.  I am thankful having them....

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