Monday, September 13, 2010

Will It be a Happy Birthday?

I was at the mall yesterday when I heard the Christmas carols and seen the beautiful Christmas tree adorned with red led christmas lights.  I asked myself, is it Christmas once again or it is just my cheating eyes?  I closed my eyes twice but no use because it is indeed a big Christmas tree right in front of me.  What?  I am just about to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.  This couldn't be happening.  LOL! 

Oh well, Philippines Christmas really starts early and that's what we called the BER months.  It is just so happened that my birthday is within the BER months and I couldn't help but wonder what it will gonna be like this year.  Will it be different from last year wherein I just celebrated it alone?  Well perhaps that will be the same since I am not expecting anyone to celebrate my birthday with.....

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