Monday, October 25, 2010

Earn for a Dollar

I don't know where I will be right now if I did not learn how to make money online.  Although my earning here is not as big as my salary before it does help to pay the bills.  I earn a dollar through article writing, online affiliate programs, paid to click and blogging.  Life is hard but I think it is much harder compared when I was still a little girl when all I have is the sea, the fish and my basket.  I appreciate the things that I have right now which help me to earn despite of the fact that my earnings today are not regular compared before.

Things are never the same as before but then I know that God has His own way to help us.  I lost a job but I got my laptop and internet that somehow help me and when things get worse He always send an angel for me.  I am forever be grateful for the biggest angel God ever sent in my life.


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