Saturday, October 30, 2010

Free Facial Care

I was so happy when a friend of mine called me yesterday and asked me if I want a free facial.  Of course I do!  When was the last time I did that?  I can't actually remember anymore because that is one of the things I cut off out of my budget.  It was a demo session of their products and since we haven't seen each other that often it also became a girls bonding.  I like the facial care that she asked me to try.  It gave me a soothing feelings and it removes some of my black and white heads.  I also like one of their acne creams, not that I have those but I think it can help Chin.

I really miss sessions like that because it re-energizes my social life.  Sometimes living alone can be tiring as well and boring too.  I miss the days when hon-hon is around because I have someone to talk, to dine in with, and to have a coffee with and so on.  I hope he will be home soon and we will both have a happy days together.  Oh well, I think I really need that free facial care in preparations for hon-hon's coming.  LOL!  

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joy said...

hi sis! good for you, at least nakabonding mo na yung friend mo at nakapagpaganda ka pa.:) having a relationship problem at the moment. ewan ko ba, 2010 is so stressful for me, can't wait for 2011 to come and shake off the dust of 2010 off me.