Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gracie's Day Out!

Thanks God my laptop is back!  It was last Thursday night when my computer was attacked by virus.  I cannot open many of the particular sites that I used to visit including my yahoo email and all my blogs!  Whoa!  That was a complete nightmare to me since I had to email hon-hon that night and I just couldn't do it.  Good thing that I have a copy of his email address and so I created a Gmail account so that I can rely to him what happened.

I thought things will be alright the following day but my dismay my laptop totally crash!  I had no choice but to go to SM and let an expert checked my laptop and restore it.  I am more than lucky that I was able to have a copy of my files before it happened and so I don't have any problem when the technician told me that he need to reformat my laptop.  Since the restoration took more than four hours, I decided to roam around the SM.

I noticed that there's a big sale that day including the rocawear, bags, shoes and other household stuffs.  Oh well, that sale is probably an early Christmas sale.  I went to the bag section to check new designs but then the price is still big even it was already on sale.  I decided to go the ladies section and just the same it was as if it was not on sale.  Oh well, at least that activity occupied my time while waiting for my laptop.

I was too tired walking to and fro when the technician finally called me and said that the restoration of my laptop is done.  I was more than thankful when we checked it and seen that it is back to normal.  And that's it!  I went home carrying my laptop again. LOL!

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