Monday, October 18, 2010

Memories of the Past...

Wow!  It's been a year now since the day I first had a chance to met hon-hon face to face, but despite of that the memories of his vacation remain intact in my mind and in my heart.  It was October 19, 2009 at around 9 am when the plane where hon-hon was in touched the Philippines ground.  While he was busy claiming his luggage, I was a little bit nervous outside the arrival area anticipating that any moment he will came out.  My eyes were searching and I was walking to and fro checking the people who came out.  And when I saw hon-hon, I couldn't help myself but to feel relieved and excited at the same time.  He was busy talking with the man who was offering him to help with his luggage when I approached him.  Too bad because the moment of our first embraced were destroyed by the people in the airport especially the man who suddenly took hon-hon's bag on the attempt to help him. Oh well, that's fine because that was only the beginning of our journey together. 

I can vividly remember how amazed I was when I first held his hand and compared it to mine.  He has a big hands compared to mine but I think because of that gestures that is why we became at eased with each other.  If I recalled it right, hmmm... or perhaps I needed some hgh spray for me to easily recall everything because I know how this supplement works for those people who uses it.  Or perhaps, I will let my heart speak instead of my mind. LOL!  Either way will do as long as I will give justice to the memories that hon-hon imparted with during his visit.

Kidding aside, I was really happy when I first met him in person.  I felt so special because I know that I was one of the reasons why he chose to spend his three weeks' vacation in the Philippines.  Our first week is more on getting to know each other.  He was able to meet some of my friends and of course my family.  The second and third week is our time alone, exploring Bohol and Cebu while marking each day and each night as a couple.  I just love every minute that I was with him.  There's no denying that I had a great time during his visit.  We had so much fun together.  I love the coffee, the movie, the singing, the dancing, the malling, the dining out, and the shopping, the swimming pool and a lot more.  Those simple things become extra special because he is around.

Everything seems so perfect and I wish it never ended.  But then, just like any holidays we have to put an end to those beautiful weeks.  I was so sad when the moment that I sent him back to Ireland.  My heart was so heavy that time but I have to be brave.  I don't know what will happen next and I keep on questioning myself if I will see him again.  The only thing I am holding on right now is his promises with me.  I know he will keep it.

Meeting hon-hon and loving him are the things I will never regret.  I am thankful because until now he makes me feel so special and I know that he loves me.  But just the same, I am still looking forward to see him again.  I hope it will be sooner because I really miss his presence....

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