Monday, October 18, 2010

Stormy Night, Rainy Morning

I am still lacking of sleep as I was not able to have a goodnight sleep last night.  How can I when all I hear was the heavy drops of rain shower together with the whoowing of the wind.  I was too scared to even close my eyes, good thing that the power wasn't cut off unlike the previous storm.  But still it gave me a sleepless night.  In times like this, I really wish I am with hon-hon because it makes me feel safer having him around.  Oh well, I think I will need to encounter a lot of storms before that happen but of course I am still positive that it will happen!

The rain is still keep pouring but the wind slow down a little bit.  I am too lazy to go out and find some food to eat because of that.  I am just so glad that I still have my coffee and some biscuits here that I can eat.  Poor me.. LOL!  The news said that the storm Juan already left Manila and we are hoping that the weather will soon be okey.

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