Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What You Want for Christmas?

I was talking with one of my godsons this afternoon and I was really laughing when he said that he wanted a playstation 3 as a Christmas gift. He told me that he has been good the whole year and he deserve that. Oh boy, where on earth will I get a budget for that? LOL!  So I just told him that his godmother is not yet rich to afford that.  I show him my laptop and I told him that I also need a new one and I asked him if he is willing to make a deal with me.  I will buy his playstation while he will buy a new laptop for me.  He said yes and that will happen when he is big enough already.  hahahaha! 

Goodness, I don't know if my laptop will surpass another 10 years. LOL!

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Gee said...

Don't worry, at least you still have time to save for the playstation. LOL!

Just dropping by Grace, saw your site at the Adgitize leaderboard. Hope you can visit me back at GEORYL. Thanks!