Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fatty Lady? I Object!

Now you really have to tell me how to lose weight fast and I want it ASAP! LOL!  I had so much fun talking with hon-hon this morning.  After all the worries these past few weeks I am more than happy to have a grand time talking with him.  There is only one thing I don't accept though and that is when he said that I am fatty!  Oh no!  Oh my goodness!  What have I done with my prettylicious body? LOL!  Oh well, if I know that it is just a part of his teasing game which I love by the way.

I don't know but hon-hon's presence give so much joy to me.  The sounds of his laughter create warmth in my heart.  I truly love this man...  I don't really care if he tease me more and if calls me fatty because I know he just meant to have fun with me and anyway, I don't really believe him when he said that.  *wink*!

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