Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Run

I had so much fun with our Sunday events at the Sisters of Mary last weekend.  I joined our run for a cause last Sunday and thanks God because I was able to make it to finish line even if I was at the last group. LOL!  It is really hard for me because I don't have regular exercise and perhaps I am also getting old.  I remembered the days when I used to jog around the compound of the Sisters of Mary; it was so easy for me to do five to ten rounds but last Sunday it took me a lifetime to finished one round. Oh dear, I think I need biotin supplements the next time I joined any fun run. LOL!  I need more energy to finish the race!

Oh well, here are some of my pictures taken last Sunday.  I was still all out smiling at the camera no matter how tired I was. LOL

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