Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hosting Site

I am contemplating of getting a dedicated hosting for my blogs and this triggered me when a friend of mine told me about what happened to her auntie's blog. She told me that all the blog site of her auntie was deleted in the system.  I also learned that it also happened to few of my other blogger's friend.  As of now, I don't want to lose this blog but since having a hosting site means adding expenses I still have to evaluate it.  I just hope that it will not happen to me.  I love this blog and it's been here since 2007.  I have so many memories listed in here...

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Clara said...

I have been contemplating about it, too. But finding a trusted and cheap hosting really takes time.

Like you, I am really thinking hard about this, since I've been hearing about people losing their memories and all.