Monday, November 22, 2010

A Hug from a Child

I attended our group's regular meeting yesterday and since we also have several guests we decided to just conduct training instead of a meeting.  I was assigned as the presenter that day and while preparing one of my custom presentation folders for our Practical Money Management Series the daughter of one of my teammates approached me.  I was surprised when she gave me a hug and I was more than happy to feel the warmth of her embrace.  A sweet hug from a child gave me a calm spirit and helped me to deliver my presentation well.

I just can't forget about it and right now I am thinking when was the last time someone hug me?  I think it was a year ago when hon-hon was here for a vacation.  So long that I almost forget how it feels to be inside of someone's arms.  I am so thankful that a cute little girl approached me yesterday just to give me a hug.  Now I know what I am missing.  Will I ever feel hon-hon's hug again?  When will it be?  I truly miss him... 

Ouch!  I'm being emotional again!  Stop the tears lady because hon-hon is too far to give you a hug...

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