Saturday, November 27, 2010

Impatient Bride

No, that is not me. LOL!  It is actually part of the title of the new book that I have right now.  Not that I am impatient to finally walk down aisle but I am interested on how the author managed to deal with the waiting graciously.  I must admit that sometimes I want to push time so that I will be able to be with the man I love very soon.  Not that I am taking any hgh releaser for the matter but I am just a woman in-love.

Opps, hon-hon should not be worried about this because I am sure that I still have enough patient to wait for him. LOL!  I believe that going into this level of your relationship is not something you have to impose; it should be something you and your partner should desire.  Building a relationship is not that easy much more stepping into a deeper relationship.  There are many things you have to consider before the I do's.  I truly understand that.  Although of course there are times that you also think when will it be but beyond that is accepting the fact that it will come when both of you are ready.

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