Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kerygma Conference 2010 - Inner Restoration

It was yesterday, the whole day of Saturday when I attended the 2010 Kerygma Conference about Inner Restoration and until now I still hear the voice of the speakers and soothing words of praises to God.  I must admit that it's been awhile since I last attended a conference like this, a conference that teach you how to be grateful and will allow you to get closer to God.  I am really happy that I am able to attend this.  Through this conference I was also able to met Joy who is the author of From this side blog.  She is such a fine lady so full of love and trust in God and I really admire her for that.  I known her for a long time already but we just talk in our blogs by giving comments to each other but yesterday was so different because I finally met her and talked with her face to face.

We started our day with a breakfast together and we make sure that we seat side by side at the conference.  That's make our bonding so especial because it also gets us closer to the Lord.  That day was very special to me because it was the day that I feel so blessed because of the grace of love I received from God.  That was when I realized how lucky I am despite of all the tragedies that happened to my life especially to my career.  I know and I believe that things happened because of one special purpose. 

I thanked the Lord for the loving family that He gave me.  I also thanked God because He sent a man in my life in the time that I needed most.  I can say that Vincent is the oasis God sent me in the middle of my deserted life. Being at the conference allowed me to go back in time when I felt things were not going right but now I appreciate that those things happened because if not then maybe I don't have the person that I love most right now. I feel so grateful for all the love given to me.  I feel so grateful for all the blessings that I receive every single day.  And most of all, I am grateful for all the people that God gave me to make me feel how special I am. 

I understand that life is not always a bed of roses but I am stronger now to face whatever trials that comes my way because I know that God's love is greater than those trials.  All I need is to take my part and allow God to protect me and guide me along the way. 

Thank you dear God for all the blessings you shower upon me and with the people who I deeply love.  Thank you for all the protection you provide for us.  As I sleep tonight, I pray that you give more blessings and protection for those people whom I love so much....  To God's be the glory... Amen!

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joy said...

hi sis! same here , super happy and blessed to have finally meet you in person. :) will also write something about the kerygma conference and the book of Rissa in the coming days. take care and see you again.