Monday, November 1, 2010

No more treat... No more tricks

It is 10 in the evening already.  The kids just finished their Halloween treat or tricks.  Although I did not participate in giving candies I still appreciate the voices that I heard outside.  It gives me an idea what's going on. Now that it is over, the silence of the night enveloped my whole being.  I feel all alone again...  No more treat..  No more tricks.

Sometimes I wonder when will this lonesome will last.  Will this be over?  It just feel so empty that I just want to disappear.  Will someone miss me?  Probably....  I don't want to entertain this feelings but sometimes it just come.  Maybe it is because of the holiday that I become sentimental again.  I need a new place, a new life, a new beginning but I want it to be with the person I love so much.  Is it alright to ask for that or is it too much?  Oh well, that's what my heart is telling me.  I am just pouring it now....

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