Monday, November 15, 2010

Relationship Building

A long lasting relationship is what I always wanted.  Like the steel buildings that I can see all over the place, I want my relationship to be strongly build that no matter what happened it will stand still.  But the real challenge does not only depend on me but with my partner as well.  I understand that building a relationship does not talk about me or about you but it talks about all the people involve. To make it lasting, the people involve should have a common goal. 

I am happy with whatever relationship I have right now.  I am trying my best to make it last but I cannot do it alone.  I am just glad that hon-hon is trying his best as well.  I know and I can feel it.  We promised to make it work no matter how hard it is for us.  We been through a lot of trials that we almost give up but since we feel the same way we managed to get through all of those trials.

I know that there will still more storm that might shake our relationship but because we build it right and keep our foundation a solid as steel, I know that we can make it.  I am looking forward for many years with my hon-hon.  We are in difficult situation because of our distance but then again I know one day things will be put into its right places and our dream of being together will come true.  I believe that in my heart and I know it will happen. 

Love, trust and understanding are the basic foundation of our relationship.  But above all, it is our deep friendship and deep longing for each other that makes us stand still....

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