Sunday, November 21, 2010

Strengthening my Spirit

They said that one of the best way to unload and go back on track easily is when you admit what you feel.  So right now I am here again admitting that I feel so weak, so down and so sad.  Yes, that's what I feel right now.  I don't know where to go and what to do.  There's no one to turn to but in the arms of God.  He is the only one that He is always there whenever I call.  Everyone are busy with their own things and that is already given. I have to find my ways to get out from this negative feelings that envelop me right now.  I feel useless and neglected!  Is that because I don't have a good career right now?  I feel insignificant and I feel so alone.

I have to do something about it, I have to strengthen my spirit and take away all the negative energy that keeps on entering in my heart.  There's no one to turn to but me.  There's no one to talk to but God.  I am thankful that I always have Him.  God's love nourish me to become a better person.  The people whom you trust might forget you along the way but not the love of God.  I am thankful for all the blessings that comes in my way no matter how small it is because through that blessings I feel the burning love from God.

It is not the end of the road yet.  There's still a long way to go.  I can do it!  I am thankful for having this blog that I can unload whatever I feel.  I don't care what other people think about me as long as I know that I am not doing anything wrong for them.  I want to be happy despite of all the bad things that happened in the past and that will happen in the future. 

Don't worry people because I will make it through the end.  I am stronger better than you think.  I can do it!  I will be successful!  I will get the love that I want and I will get the trust that I deserve.  Thank you dear God for helping me strengthen my spirit.  Thank you for helping me become ME....

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joy said...

hi sis! i know you'll be able to bounce back from the blues soon. just continue praying and the Lord will guide and strengthen you. I'll be praying for you too. Will you be attending the Kerygma Conference on Saturday? Because if you are, we can see each other at the PICC because I'm attending too. :)