Friday, December 24, 2010

On the Eve of Christmas

I was at the mall yesterday trying to look for a cabin furniture that my friend told me when I received a call from my youngest sister.  She told me that she wants to celebrate Christmas with me and so instead of looking around in the furniture area I proceed to supermarket to buy some goods that I can use for our midnight celebration.  It took me awhile before I finished my grocery because of the long line of people waiting for their turn at the cashier.

I bought fruits and I cooked one of my favorite dishes enough for us.  I thought that we will be able to go to church together but because of the heavy traffic she arrived almost midnight.  Then we did the usual waiting for the clock to tick to midnight and greeted each other a Merry Christmas.  We had fun talking while eating.  I am happy celebrating my Christmas with just the two of us but then I still feel the void in my heart.  I know what it is but I just keep on ignoring it because I know that it will not happen, maybe not this Christmas.  I miss my hon-hon who is right now busy with his work.  I hope he is alright and I hope that next Christmas I will be celebrating it with him.  I am still looking forward drinking champagne with him next Christmas....

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