Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Feel so Great!

I know I am in-love but I think this is one of the days that I really feel awesome and that was when I saw my hon-hon's calling.  I feel like a child so excited to answer the call and so eager to see him on camera.  I thought I will have a heart attack when I finally hear his voice, good thing that I was able to control myself or else I have no choice but to use my health card for my medic. LOL! Speaking of the healthcare I was glad to finally had a chance to visit BCBS NC which helped me understand the full coverage of health card.  I feel secure knowing that but having hon-hon in my life makes me feel even better.

Going back, hon-hon's call really make a difference.  Last night I feel terrible because we haven't talked for two weeks but this morning was a different story because his call bridges the gap.  I just feel so great and I am again ready to face any challenges that will come our way.  I know when can pass all these trials.

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