Thursday, January 6, 2011


I got a lot of good news before the end of the year.  I thought I will be able to start my new job in the first week of January.  I also got a message from the one I love that we will have a date on the first Sunday of the year.  I was so excited and I even thought that maybe my sister was right.  She told me that she watched it on the news that 2011 is the year for those people who are born under the sodiac sign of Virgo.  Predictions says that we will be successful in our career, love, money and spirituality for this year.  Wow!  what a great predictions!  I feel happy about it because my sodiac sign is Virgo.

But I think it is not the predictions that matters.  It is the result and as you can see that all the things that I expected never happened.  As for the job that I am expecting, they haven't call yet and the last thing I know that our application is temporarily hold because of the freeze hiring memos in that company.  Then the date?  Oh well, I think my date was too tired to wake up that day that is why it's been on hold also. 

Now I think it is me who is freezing right now.  Not that it is cold but because I really don't know what to do next.  It is as if they offer me a piece of cake and before I even taste it has been freeze that I can't even hold it.  I feel so frustrated but then what can I do? 

My optimism serves me well and the trust in God in the people involved helped me.  As of now, I am still holding to a positive results.  Maybe it will take awhile but I know that there's something good at the end.  What I am really praying right now is that God will give me enough PATIENCE because I feel that it is what I need of all the things that is happening to me.  I need to have patience to wait and to understand things.  May God help me!

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joy said...

happy new year grace! i know that God has a wonderful plan for you this 2011, just wait and you'll be surprise.