Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things Happen for a Reasons...

I went out my house to free my mind from thinking.  I have to be brave to face all of these; I have to be brave for hon-hon.  I know things happen for a reason and probably my friend was right when she said that.  I have to dry out my tears and put the smile back in my face because I know that my waiting will be over soon.  I have to make myself beautiful I said to my friend and she said that it is true essence of having a brave heart.  At the mall she showed me one of the weight loss supplements that she is using and told me to try it.  Do I look bad?  I asked her and she told me not at all but then you have to always be prepared because I know your love will be back soon.

Her gentle words sink in to me, and I told myself that instead of crying why not prepare myself because any moment my love will come back in my arms again.  I know it!

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