Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Special with Hon-hon..

I feel so blessed for having a loving boyfriend that despite of the distance that separate us he never fails to make me feel special.  This weekend is not an exemption to that as we literally spent the weekend together.  We watched the rugby matched together would you believe that?  Too bad that we don't have much time to watch Wall-e movie.  Oh well probably we can do that next weekend if he has another day off.

Aside from watching TV together we also had breakfast and dinner together.  Wow!  What a treat!  Above all of course was the long conversation we always have.  We both love to talk and to listen and I think that is one of the best characteristic of our relationship.  We can talk anything in the world and I just love the way it is.  We discuss a lot of things and made a common decision that no matter what happened we will keep our relationship as solid as a rock and precious as a diamond.  It is very important in a relationship that both parties know what's going on no matter how good or bad the situation.  Open communication will help resolve doubts and fear and I am proud to say that we gone through those barriers already.  We are both comfortable talking even the hardest situation that we are in or we may face along the way.

Hon-hon is one amazing person and I feel so bless because I have him.  With him, I don't have to take any adapexin-p just to make me feel sexy because he has his own way to do it.  With him, I always feel beautiful inside and out because he always make sure he says what he wanted to say.  I know that deep in his heart that I will always be his lady and I feel so proud about that.  I am proud to have a man that love me deeply and knows me so well.

I can't wait for more weekends with him....  God knows how much I always miss him.  May God always protect and bless my hon-hon wherever and whatever he is doing...

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