Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just got Home! Yay!

It is already past nine in the evening but I just arrived home. It is a cold and rainy evening but I am thankful because I am wearing a safety clothing which helped me not to get colds. It's been like this since Monday and I think my body is already complaining. Yes I am too tired but then I can't get some sleep that is why I am still here writing. I like my work but because of the overtime and the long drive my body seems to complain. At work, Microsoft Excel is my best buddy. It helps my work become easier but then sometimes its line makes me dizzy. I have a wide PC monitor at work but then because of the long file I think I need more. LOL!

Oh well, no matter how tired I am right now I am still thankful for the fruitful day. I am looking forward for weekends to come because I know that I will have a grand time with my hon-hon. Thinking about it makes me excited and look forward for the weekends.

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