Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Cellphone for Mom

I was trying to call my mom to her old number but I couldn't connect with her.  I was so worried what happened until I found out that she lost her old cellphone.  She was so sad because we usually call her through that phone and now she needs to ask my sister every time she wanted to get in touch with us.  I want to give her a cheer up gift and I was thinking of giving her a htc desire android but I think this is too high technology for her and knowing my mom she would complain if she couldn't understand how to use it.  So instead of buying that particular cellphone for her I would just find the same model as she use to have so that it would be easier for her.  Anyway, what is important for her is that she has her own way of getting in touch with us no matter how far we are from her.

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