Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend of LOVE!

Being in-love is one of the greatest feelings a person can ever feel. It does not only give feelings of happiness but it also gives you feelings of security and belongingness. That is true because that is what I feel every time I think, I see and I talk with hon-hon. It just feels so great whenever he is around just like what happened this weekend.

While I was seating at my bed and looking for the designer upholstery fabrics on the web, I got an internet call from hon-hon. I immediately answered him while bookmarking the site that I see which I again browsed after the talk. For the record, the duration of that call lasted for 10 hrs. Oh yes, that was one of those longest call we had and the funny side of that was that I never felt bored nor we had any dull moment together. Each of the calls we had was always extra special. This weekend is just one of those weekends of love. We make sure that we always tell how much we love one another because we believe that by means of that we will be able to always renew our love which helps our relationship to grow.

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