Saturday, March 5, 2011

Am I ready to Get Old?

Honestly, one of the things I fear most is getting old without enough money to sustain my day to day living.  I am not sure if many of you think the same way as I am but I just want the feeling of security as I get older because that way even if I don't have SSDI benefits I will still able to live the way I am today.  I am now half way in becoming a senior citizen and looking at my financial portfolio I think I am not yet ready to get there.  I still need to work hard and invest more so that when that time happen I will have money that will work for me.

It is sad though because of what happened few years ago because I almost lost all of my savings.  Now I am back to square one but I am hoping that I will be able to save money faster than before.  I want to have a financial security especially in the times that I can no longer work. 

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