Saturday, March 5, 2011

Miss my Hon-hon...

As I seen the Davidoff cigars from my friend's hand I can't help but think about how is my dearest hon-hon. Despite of my busy schedules I can't help but think about hon-hon.  Since the day that I started working, weekend becomes the most important days for me not only because it is my rest day but because this is the time I and hon-hon talk a lot.  Every weekend is not the same though because there are weekends that we miss talking with each other because of important things that we have to do and that what happened last weekend.

It is another weekend and I really hope that I am able to have an ample time with him.  It has been a long week for me because of many overtimes but then I am hoping that this weekend will be a great break for me and for him.  I am looking forward for tomorrow and I am hoping that hon-hon is there.

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