Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pain No More!

It's over five days now since I undergone mild surgery for my tooth.  I thought that it was only a regular tooth extraction but because of the abnormalities of my tooth I had no choice but to undergo the surgery.  It was hard especially the first three days because of the pain caused by the open wound and the medication helps me a lot during this time.  It is still hurting but it is now manageable and bearable.  I am happy because I know that I will never feel the pain again especially now that it is slowly getting well.

One thing that I appreciate is my healthcard because it helps me with my medical bills.  Next procedure is getting a new denture to replace my tooth and help me with my bites.  Whew, another expenses but I think I can handle it since I have three months to save for it.  I am happy that things are getting better although I still find it hard to chew solid food.  On a positive note, I think it done something good for my diet.  Now, I don't need any weight loss supplements like usp labs oxyelite pro  or any other supplements.  I am just waiting for my full recovery and things will be back to normal again.  I already report back to work but can't do any overtime for this week. 

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