Saturday, April 2, 2011

Better Luck Next Time?

I was at my neighbor's house looking at their house plaques when hon-hon called through skype.  I got two miss calls and I was so sad when I was not able talk with him.  I been waiting for the weekend to come because it is when we usually talk but I think I just miss that opportunity.  I really miss him but I think I need to wait for another weekend for me to be able to see him again. 

Sometimes I wonder it will be like if I and hon-hon are together.  Perhaps I never wonder what is he doing right now or where he is right now.  But with all the things happening in our surroundings I think it will be a year of waiting and waiting.  I really miss him and I hope next weekend will be a better opportunity to talk with him.  I never lose hope when it comes to him.

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