Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is Patience a Virtue?

My four days vacation is almost over but I feel that I have nothing that I was able to accomplished during those days.  I stayed at home most of the time.  It was what I planned because more than anything else what matters to me is to have more time with hon-hon which sad to say did not materialized.  If you are going to ask me how do I feel?  It really frustrates me and I don't like this feelings because once and for all hon-hon's working time is very unpredictable.  In fairness to hon-hon he was able to make a time for me this Easter but because of his computer which keep on shutting down we were not able to have a good talk just like what we use to do.  This frustrates me more because I been patiently waiting but then what I was expecting did not happened.

Now, I am wondering if next weekend will be like this again.  It frustrates me more and more each week that we are not able to have a long conversation.  Most of the time, I wish I had wings so that I will be able to fly going to where he is.  If I am going to count the months the last time I saw him face to face I couldn't imagine that it's already been almost two years since that happened.  Wow!  It has been a long time and I guess that is the reason of my frustrations.  I still feel excited every time I see him over the cam.  It is the same feelings I always feel every time we talk.  I really miss the long conversation with him and if God will grant my wish I hope I can see him this year.  But I still don't know if that is possible given the circumstances right now.

Is patience a virtue?  I think I need more of that virtue.  I just don't know where to get it right now because I am becoming impatient these last few weeks.  Perhaps it is because of my long frustrations of wanting to see him.  I don't know but I hope hon-hon understand what I feel.....

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