Saturday, April 30, 2011

Personalize Gifts

It is mother's day next week then after that is of course the father's day.  I am thinking of what kind of gift I should give to my parents this year.  They been so good to me and they deserve a special gift.  I already seen a nice gift for mom and now I am looking for one of the best gifts for dad. It is not easy looking around especially if it is for a guy.  I don't know but I find it difficult to get a gift that will match his taste.  Oh well, I am sure that whatever I give to them they will surely appreciate it.

Hmmm... Am I missing something?  It is already month of May and after that will be a big day for hon-hon and then for both of us.  How I wish we are together that day but since he is too far from me then I will just probably celebrate it alone.  I will just send him something to remind him that I do think about him and I never miss important dates....

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