Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday Super Hot!

I woke up this morning early to have more time with hon-hon.  We were able to talk but because until now his computer is not working well it our conversation was again cut short so I decided to just go out and clean the front of my house.  I saw that there were many falling leaves around.  It was already yellowish which I think caused by too much summer heat.  I also saw my neighbor holding one of the coolest redmax leaf blowers to easily clean out the leaves.  I am just so glad because she extended her cleaning up to my front house which helps me finish it faster than I manually do it.  I observe that there are many trees dying and I think it is because of the heat this summer. 

I finished cleaning early but was not able to talk with hon-hon again.  He probably get tired of the on and off of his computer.  If I only have enough money to buy him a new one I probably did it right now because it's been a month now that we are like this.  I hope things will be better soon!

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