Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back to School

I had a talked with my sister and she is asking if I have pairs of Cherokee scrubs because her friend is looking for one since she will getting subjects related to practical nursing.  It is good thing though that I still keep the scrubs that used when I was still studying massage therapy.  I gave her my two pairs of scrubs that she can use so that she doesn't need to buy a new one.

Summer vacation is almost over and so a lot of parents are now preparing for the new school year.  I had a chance to drop by at National bookstore last Thursday to buy cards but because there were many people inside the store that time I decided to cancel it and went home.  Back to school is one big occasion for parents especially those parents who have children who are already studying. I am not in that stage yet but I also had a chance to buy school things for my nephews and nieces.  It is a tiring activity but worthwhile to do. 

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