Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fruitful Weekend

I was so excited when I heard my Skype ringing and saw hon-hon's calling.  It was a mixed of emotions for me because it took as more than a week before we were able to talk again.  Nonetheless, the long waiting finally paid off when we had a chance to talk and have our weekend bonding.  I can't trade my time with him for anything in the world.

I can say that my weekend was really fruitful and although I hate overtime my Saturday was spend at the office and then morning of Sunday was for Hon-hon then I attended the 7th birthday of my goddaughter.  I even had my  cellulite treatments which I really need for a long time.  All in all, I can say that I really had a fruitful and exciting weekend.

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joy said...

Hi Grace! Kamusta! Good to know that you have a wonderful time with Hon hon over the weekend.

I hope that you will not be affected by the mass lay-off at your company.
I'll include you in my prayer intentions.

Take care.