Sunday, May 15, 2011

Scrap Book

I was looking at my old scrapped book which I made when I was still in high school.  I am smiling because it brought me lots of memories especially the Christmas photo cards which I usually received from my sister way back then.  Those cards maybe too old but I still keep it because it reminds me of the love and care from my family.  I also have few handmade cards from high school friends and door mates.  It is just a sad thing because I lost contact to many of them.  I still value their letters and their cards and I still keep it until now hoping that one day we will again cross our way.

Through my scrap book I am able to remember many of my high school friends who in a way touched my life.  I still value our friendship and the way I remember them will remains the same.  One of my favorites is my AECIARMEL circle of friends.  I still get in touch to two of our friends but I don't have any idea about the two others.  I hope I can see them one of these days.

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