Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Troubled Mind, Worried Heart

It is almost 10 in the evening now but I am still wide awake thinking of so many things.  Just last week when mass lay-off happened in our company and one of my friend was affected by that lay-off.  I was so shock because the day our manager talked to my friend was also the day of his last day.  Yes, that was so fast that makes me really worried of the situation.  I heard that there are three batches that will be done for the mass lay-off and the first one just happened last Friday.  It worries me because I don't have any idea when will the next lay-off will happen.  Some says it will between June and July and other said says that it might be until August.

I am not really sure and I feel so alone right now.  No one to talk to express what I feel except for my blog.  I feel alone again and I feel so down.  There's no one around me here that I can talk to except for myself.  It is only me that can comfort myself and no one else.  I am hoping that hon-hon will show up today but it seems impossible. He might be too busy to comfort my weary heart or probably he also needs comfort right now.

When situation like this happen, I always wish that it will soon be over.  I pray that things will get better not only for me but also for the people whom I care so much.  May God bless us all....

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