Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anticipated Vacation

Every time I and hon-hon talked about vacation my heart just beats faster for excitement and this year we are planning to have our long waited vacation.  We are listing the place to visit and one those are Boracay and Palawan.  Just thinking about the place and the companionship I know that it will be a paradise for both of us.  I even visited one of the stall in the mall where you can find sports and other hobby gadgets like bass fishing gear, scuba diving gear, snorkeling gear and many more.

I know that it is still too early for me to shop and think about our vacation together but what can I do when I am too excited to make it happen.  I really hope we will be able to make the plans materialize this time because we both need it.  I'll be the happiest girl on earth if this anticipated vacation will happen.

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