Saturday, June 25, 2011

Business Outside The Country

A friend of mine who is now marriage to an American guy decided to just stay in US and put a business that will make her busy.  I think she really wants it because she even consulted US Business Lawyers to make sure that she is already entitled to own a business there.  I know that putting up a business is putting your money at risk but with proper business planning then I think risk is very minimal.

She is planning to visit Philippines soon but I am not sure yet if it will materialize this year of next year.  Oh well, I hope that she will be able to visit us soon.  I also pray that her plan of putting up business will also materialize in the near future.  Taking risk is also taking chances for a better tomorrow.  I know that it will not easy to put business especially if you will do that outside the country.  I am just happy that she found a very responsible and very supportive husband.

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