Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cancelled Dinner Due to Bad Weather

Typhoon Falcon really made its own history here in the Philippines.  Supposedly, I and my friends will meet and have dinner in one of the restaurants in Manila but because of the bad weather we decided to cancel it and reschedule our dinner the following week.  Cancellation was made when the Inviting Company sent me a message that it was still flooding around their area and water was still above the knee.  Whew!  I couldn't imagine that it was as bad as that and I was thankful that I waited for their message before even traveling to Manila.

I was also able to chat with my sister and she told me that she walked all the way from her work to her apartment because of the flood.  I told her not to go to work that night because I feel that it was not safe at all.  It's still raining until today but I hope that the sun will come up anytime soon.

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