Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cigarette Brake

Many of my office mates spare time for their cigarette brake and I think that is their own way to relieve stress.  Just like what I am always telling to hon-hon that I am not against it but it is the health risk that I am always concern same with what I am telling with my friends who smoke.  If they can only get use with e cig then probably the health risk is lower compared to the usual cigar.  Cigarette brake is very common especially right after lunch brake.  I am sure that they are very much aware the effect of smoking to their health but unfortunately they remain doing it because of the satisfaction that it gives them.


electronic cigarettes said...

Yes you're right. It's really sad to see people risk their own health with those tobacco cigarettes. I really hope that the will switch to electronic cigarettes. If they continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes they are not just putting themselves to harm but also the people around them.

amberdixie17 said...

They should switch to e-cigarettes. Regular cigarette has harmful effect to human body unlike e-cigarette. E-cigarette doesn't contain hazardous chemicals. It also doesn't leave pungent odor and produce secondhand smoke so you can smoke anywhere you want without putting other people at risk. Here is one of the best e-cigarette product manufacturers: electronic cigarette