Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinner with My friend Ria

After almost a year we finally had a chance to dine out and talk.  Ria is one of my close friends way back when I was still in High School.  We always have communications through email, chat or through phones but because she is working somewhere in Pasig makes it hard for us to see each other.  I remember Ria to always laugh easily and even by just seeing funny t shirts make her laugh to death.  I know it sounds exaggerated but that's the way she is.

We had dinner in one Shabu Shabu Restaurant inside Robinson's place and although it was my first time to eat there my experience is worthwhile. After dinner, we went to Dencios to have some coffee and since they don't offer coffee that day we end up drinking beer.  It was ages when I last had a beer but maybe because of the talk and companionship I still enjoyed it.

We talked a lot of things and of course I never forget to tell her that I and hon-hon also dine in at Dencios.  How can I forget when I always talk about my dear hon-hon to all of my friends?  LOL!  Our bonding last until 11 in the evening and we really had fun.  I will be seeing her again this coming August during our fun run activity in Sisters of Mary.  I know that it will also be fun!

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