Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glimpse of Canada

My sister Laura who lives in Canada right now posted several photos in her Facebook account.  She captured the life of the people there as well as several of the steel buildings in canada which are like what I usually see in Makati area.  My sister live in Canada right after she got married with Thomas who is a Canadian citizen, and looking at the pictures I know that she is enjoying her life there.  Well, I guess it is not really the place but the person you live with.  If you love the person at your side then the place you live will always become paradise.  I am not sure though if you agree with me but that's the way I view it.
I once dream living in Canada because of the opportunities it brings to people but my application was denied.  If you are going to ask me if I still want to be there?  My answer is that if hon-hon will live with me there. LOL!

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