Thursday, June 23, 2011


Securing your job is a must in today's economy where many of the companies are cutting their labor forces and improving production cost to manage the company especially in time like this.  People who are running the companies are all businessmen and their first reaction to economy crises is not to save their people but to save their company which I think is the common reaction.  My friend said that I have to try one of the sales jobs in the market if in case I will be affected by the mass lay-off which will happen next month.  I am not good in sales but if worst come to worse then I think I will grab that opportunity.

Right now, I still feel secure with my position as I see more work coming in.  I have to make sure that the company needs me for me to be able to hold the position and not get worried for being unemployed.  I been there and I don't want to happen it again unless I will be moving to another place where I can find greener opportunities.  As of now, I want to stay where I am and keep my career as is.

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