Sunday, June 19, 2011

Palawan to Bora!

I am seeing the blue water and white sand surrounding me and hon-hon. I can hear the sounds of the waves and feel the warm of water.  I am too excited to really think about the things we are going to do for our upcoming vacation.  I can't wait to finally materialize this long awaited vacation and with that I have to also prepare myself.  I think I will now use one of my yoga mats which have been long forgotten. LOL!  I have to lose pounds and I really have to start now!  I know I been telling that before but I guess this is now for real because our upcoming vacation is also for real!

I can't wait to see Palawan again and be there in Boracay for the first time ever.  I know that it will be pure bliss with hon-hon.  I am counting the days now although we don't have any bookings made yet. LOL!

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