Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Much Rain...

I went to Makati this morning to pay off my health care insurance but even before I leave the house a heavy rain suddenly fall.  It was a heavy rain that as if we WeGotPumps water pumps all over our place.  It gave me a hard time in traveling because the rain caused heavy traffic on the main road.  I was so glad when I finally reached the place but was so disappointed because I missed their office hours!  It's Saturday and so their office closes at 12:00 and because of the traffic I missed it!

I love the rain but that is only when I know that I will stay at home the whole day.  Too much rain is difficult especially in areas that floods easily.  Oh well, since the rainy season will last until September, I think all I have to do is to always make sure that my umbrella is with me wherever I go.

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