Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two Years of Happy Relationship

Happy 2nd Anniversary Hon-hon
It's been two years since you become mine
Two Years of Love and Laughter
And although we are separated by distance
You still manage to make me feel your presence.

As I look back and think about how we started
I can't stop but remember every moments that we shared together.
Memories that makes me feel new
Memories that makes me feel love and secure.

Today, All I want is to be with you and celebrate our Anniversary without reserve.
Dine together, drink together and talk until dawn just like what we've done at cross road.
But because we are separated by distance,
I understand that we can only celebrate together over the webcam.

Hence, I am still happy because I know I will be celebrating an anniversary with you!

I love you Hon-hon!

Happy Anniversary!

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