Monday, July 4, 2011

Horse Back Riding in Tagaytay

Horseback riding was one of the things I really enjoyed during hon-hon's visit one and a half year ago.  It was actually my first time to experience that but hon-hon said that I was a natural rider.  As a matter of fact I my outfit that time was not design for a horseback riding but I still enjoyed the ride.  How I wish that I was wearing breeches that time to make me more comfortable but anyway I still had fun together with hon-hon.

It is not only about the horseback riding that catch my attention but the beauty of the place mesmerize as well.  I love the green mountains, the lake as well as what I saw inside the crater of Taal Volcano.  Aside from that is of course the presence of the man I love which makes everything perfect and romantic.  How I wish I will have chance to do horseback riding again together with hon-hon.

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